Find The Meaning Of Life At WASD Live 2024 Via The Holy Gosh Darn

Time to take control... of time! Following on from that fateful Tuesday, seize the day once more in The Holy Gosh Darn.

The Holy Gosh Darn really does look a lot like Manual Samuel and Helheim Hassle. Wait a minute… Perfectly Paranormal can’t fool me – I’m as sharp as butter! Good job that Yogscast is keeping it together. I salute you.

Maybe you won’t find enlightenment yet, but the game states that you can insult heavenly elders, travel to Hell and meet exactly 4,250 dogs. I don’t know about you, but those have been on the bucket list for years.

The Holy Gosh Darn, when not doing the above, is about time travel using a golden stopwatch that has nothing to do with PornHub… saying for a friend… where everything in the game happens on the exact same Tuesday as the dev’s other titles. Peculiar… 

The developers will also be at the WASD Live 2024 event next week, so it’s all coming together. Here’s hoping to get a little peek at the game, and that’s not exclusive—you can go, and tickets are still available!