The Hand Of Merlin, His Beard And Other Bits Coming To Early Access In May

Coming to Early Access this May, The Hand Of Merlin fuses the medieval myths with sci-fi horror in a turn-based environment.

An Arthurian turn-based game? But I’ve only recently covered that. Oh wait – sci-fi horror, you say? Here’s an important announcement about The Hand Of Merlin, a game from Versus Evil.

Developed by indie team Room-C Games and Croteam, this rogue-like RPG is coming to Early Access in May. Rats! Another couple of months to go, but the details sound good.

The Hand Of Merlin - War is snow joke
War is snow joke. Source: Steam

You travel from Albion to Jerusalem(!) as the lands are ‘on the brink of apocalypse’. But that’s not the only thing that changed with this legend as The Hand Of Merlin metamorphoses into an XCOM sci-fi horror.

The Hand of Merlin is an innovative genre clash that combines historical literature soaked in medieval legend with science fiction horror to create a really unique narrative. This creatively disruptive clash of worlds coupled with a rogue-lite RPG is a bold and exciting way to tell a story around a beautifully crafted game.

Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil

Shrouded in magic, you’ll traverse and save many other worlds in a multiverse as you locate the lost fragments of your soul. The key thing here is your decision-making abilities as your choices are permanent, making ‘all the difference to your party’s synergy and combat prowess’.

Featuring squad-based tactics with turn-based combat, you not only coordinate the attacks but create ambushes for your human and demonic foes. Who knows, you may just be able to wield Excalibur…

Here’s a teaser trailer for The Hand Of Merlin:

The Hand Of Merlin will be on Early Access ‘shelves’ from May this year. To wishlist it and get notifications, follow the Steam trail below.