The Hand Of Glory Preview: The Point And Click Touch

Join Lazarus Bundy, P.I. on an adventure that starts with a 'Blowtorch' and much more in The Hand of Glory on Steam.

Playing a detective by the name of Lazarus Bundy and tracking a serial killer seems a bit meta. Still, comparisons aside, The Hand of Glory is a point and click adventure that held my gaze for longer than expected.

Currently available as a playable demo and the full release, it was a title that popped up during the Steam Game Festival, and as a keen adventurer, snapped this up quite swiftly.

This game from Madit Entertainment and Daring Touch (both Twitter links) didn’t shout out to me at first, admittedly. The visual style seemed interesting; then I was put off by it, then back on board. It’s not that The Hand of Glory is a divisive game, just a matter of preferences.

The Hand of Glory Preview

The Hand of Glory - Puzzle
Puzzling. Source: Screen capture

Called in to investigate a lead or two on a serial killer named Blowtorch, Lazarus is lured to an apartment block but needs adequate clues to convince him to investigate. As is typical of the genre, there are only a few linear paths to follow, and though this was the demo, I found myself stuck on two occasions. 

…he does look like a bit of an out-of-place, suave Sherlock with a scarlet scarf, protruding out the back of his coat like a ponytail.

The Hand of Glory could do that classic approach and milk the comedy and in-jokes, and while I had a few snarly responses that I was more or less clutching at straws with my solutions, Lazarus grew on me. Though he does look like a bit of an out-of-place, suave Sherlock with a scarlet scarf, protruding out the back of his coat like a ponytail.

He also has a penchant for fine motorcycles, but that’s not the point. Compiling a few clues and solving a quick puzzle takes you to the first set-piece, and despite being one scene, this was the place where I got stuck. I encourage thoroughly inspecting your inventory – even if you’re only holding two items.

A Hand In Story

The storytelling soon got the better of me, and just as that hook was developing, it was over: demonstration finished. Swift to add this to my wishlist and check on the date of release, it became clear that the game is already out, so if you’re a fan on the point and click genre, this might be worth your time.

The Hand of Glory - Blowtorch
Harassing the public. Source: Screen capture

Speaking of time, that will be the decider whether you will see a review on this site in due course. Now it’s on the wishlist, it shouldn’t disappear into the void. And yes, I’m aware this The Hand of Glory piece is vague. Even though it’s a demo, I’d recommend playing it rather than me explaining what happens.