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The Good Life Is More Than Debt Management In This Upcoming RPG

Play as Naomi, a debt-ridden journalist as she’s sent to Rainy Woods ‘the happiest town on Earth’. But she uncovers the opposite in The Good Life RPG…

The Good Life RPG coming this autumn 2021
Source: Steam

The good life can’t be about debt management? In this case, it can, as this, in fact, an upcoming RPG published by Playism and due for release later in the year for PC and consoles.

As Naomi Haywood, a journalist deep in debt, you’re hired to investigate the assumed utopia: a small English town known as Rainy Woods. Only the ‘happiest place on Earth’ is full of eccentric residents harbouring secrets, but also…murder.

The Good Life RPG - Only journo in the village
Only journo in the village. Source: Steam

The Good Life already sounds like an interesting tale, but this really has climbed Piqued Interest Tower as the writer is Swery – creator of Deadly Premonition, among others, as Yukio Futatsugi – creator of Panzer Dragoon.

An exciting collaboration between White Owls and Grounding Inc, The Good Life will see Naomi exploring the town, camera in hand, she soon uncovers that the locals can morph into animals at night…

Check out the video:

The Good Life is scheduled for autumn 2021 and will be coming to Steam, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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