The Girl Of Glass The First Chapter Free On Steam

Out now on Steam, The Girl of Glass is a fantastic looking point and click adventure with a free chapter.

The first chapter of The Girl of Glass is out now on Steam for free, ‘free’ meaning you pay nothing. You understand that concept, right? I’m not selling here.

From independent developer Markus Oljemark, The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale is a hand-painted point and click adventure game that looks amazing, and the kind of quality you’d expect from a larger development team. The artwork and animation are simply stunning, and it comes packaged with an equally powerful orchestral soundtrack. 

Telling the story of Kristal, The Girl of Glass, it transpires that she has been granted asylum by the owner of the circus where she has worked for years. She decides to leave the circus and find herself in this point and click adventure that features turn-based combat.

The Girl of Glass - Bear knuckle fight
Bear knuckle. Source: PR

Key features include:

  • Find out why Kristal’s adventure began and what urged her to embark on her quest of discovery.
  • Meet the circus people and interact with them using various flavourful dialogue options.
  • Discover the adventure part of the game – how to navigate the world around you, interact with objects, and use them to solve mysteries.
  • Learn about the basics of the puzzle-like, turn-based combat, and test your prowess against an angry cat.
  • Get a glimpse of the beautiful, hand-painted environments that surround Kristal throughout her whole journey.

Here’s an extended narrated trailer for you:

The Girl of Glass will be launched on the 22nd September on Steam, though you can download that first chapter absolutely free.

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