The Farming Update Is Coming To Sengoku Dynasty

Expand your horizons with a new village and land management among other upgrades in the Farming Update for Sengoku Dynasty Early Access.

Are you ready for your next Sengoku Dynasty fix? The Farming Update is coming to a settlement near you, featuring crop cultivation, a new village, and land management. And it’s coming this month.

From Superkami and Toplitz ProductionsSengoku Dynasty is a simulator set in feudal Japan. Rather than prancing around with katanas and sitting in seiza all day, you take on a dilapidated settlement, then restore and expand it to its full potential.

The Farming Update is part of the Early Access roadmap, and it will arrive in stages, focusing on the agricultural aspect and introducing new crops such as millet, garlic, leeks, parsley, wasabi and turnips. In addition to this, there will be land and water fields, including rice terraces, plus the associated tools required.

Here’s a Farming Update teaser:

There are a ton of other improvements included in the latest Sengoku Dynasty update that’s due on the 7th of November 2023, such as revised UI and emotes for your co-op buddies. You can find out more by checking in to the Steam page.