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The Falconeer Finds Its Wings With A New Trailer

The latest trailer for The Falconeer proves that this air combat game from Tomas Sala and published by Wired Productions needs to be near the top of your wishlist.

A game designed for a day one release on the Xbox Series X and also the PC, The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game made up of different factions, featuring combat not just in the air, but also land and sea.

With a focus on next-gen technology, the game supports 4K at 60fps, players will be transported to The Great Ursee – ‘a near-infinite body of water and home to the competing factions’ in the game. At the top of the food chain are the rich and powerful, while in the waters below, ‘dissent brews among the downtrodden’.

The Falconeer trailer - Lightning
Ride the lightning. Source: Steam

The available factions include:

  • The Northern Imperium. The greatest power on The Great Ursee, the Imperial throne commands the Northern Ursee with nobility, subterfuge, and manipulation as tools of power.
  • The Mancer Order. The master scholars of The Order control all access to technology across the Ursee, guiding the march of progress towards an unknown destination along ‘The Path.’
  • The Civilian Freehouses. A loosely aligned assemblage of independent communities united in defense of local trade and subject to the machinations of the Imperium and Mancer Order.
  • The Freebooter Rebellion. Outcasts banished to the dark places of the Ursee, now returned from their exile with dark and ancient knowledge to wreak havoc on their long-time tormentors.

I wanted the world of the Ursee to feel tangible, not just visually but with history and conflict you get to experience…It’s never immediately clear who is a ‘good guy’ or a ‘bad guy’. I hope players get to experience The Falconeer as a journey of discovery, unlocking the secrets of The Great Ursee and its people as they play.

Tomas Sala, Developer of The Falconeer. 

You can catch the latest trailer below:

The Falconeer will be available on launch day for the Xbox Series X and PC via Steam from the 10th of November 2020.

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