The End Of You Begins With An Emotional Narrative In An Apartment

Relive the memories sealed within an apartment as you help Walter deal with the remainders of a past relationship in The End of You.

Other than Microshaft deconstructing the gaming community, there’s not much to talk about besides a ton of reviews and… The End of You. Don’t panic: it’s not you; it’s me, and this game is from Memory of God, the creator of The Stillness of the Wind.

What caught my eye with this one was the ’emotional narrative game’, and upon seeing who made it, I felt it deserved some words. In the game, you play Walter, a chap going through the heartbreak of getting rid of the memories of a past relationship.

In The End of You, you sift through Walter’s apartment watching videos, listening to cassette tapes (remember those?), browsing the shelves, taking a shower… the list goes on, and as trivial as it sounds, it also sounds intriguing, especially when it presents the question: could things have ended differently?

Have a look-see at the trailer below and consider checking this out:

The End of You will be released on PC via Steam and on the 20th of June, 2024.