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The End Of The Sun Is Nigh!

An upcoming game where you play a time-travelling Ashter (Slavic sorcerer), The End of the Sun is a first-person exploration game coming to Steam in 2022.

The End of the Sun
Source: Steam

As a sun dodger, seeing The End of the Sun gave me hope that everyone will sport my vampire complexion; alas, it’s the name of the game – but an interesting one at that. Otherwise, why post about it?

For once, this is a game that wasn’t in my inbox but one I stumbled upon by accident. It’s a first-person exploration game set in a Slavic fantasy world. You play the Ashter – a sorcerer that can travel through time.

There’s a handful of videos of The End of the Sun on the store page that you can check out, but I’ve linked in one lower down for quick reference. While it’s a different type of game, it has a Medieval Dynasty flavour, which is pretty cool, but more importantly, your actions in the game help build the narrative. If you’re a fan of stories and legends, it might be worth a look/wishlisting it.

Here’s a gameplay trailer (it’s a couple of years old, but just a taster as it’s still in development.

The game from The End of the Sun Team is expected later this year, but wishlist it on Steam if this floats your boat.

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