The Drifter Is A Fast-Paced Point And Click Thrill Ride?

Establish why you were murdered in the fast-paced point and click adventure, The Drifter.

As I said on X, this recent trend of posting the three inspirations behind a game has been the best thing on the platform, as it introduced The Drifter and many other worthy titles.

After witnessing a murder, you’re pursued by some armed men who promptly kill you. Awakening a few seconds before said death, you (Mick) have a gasp of salvation as you reverse engineer your untimely demise. Powerhoof and Dave Lloyd are going against the grain with their point and click descriptions of ‘fast-paced’ and ‘thrill-ride’. These aren’t the terms typically associated with the genre. What are they playing at?!

The question is, what are you playing… at? Ahem. You could be playing The Drifter demo on Steam after carefully reading this post and leaving a metaphorical tip in the jar (you reading this is all I request of thee). 

Here’s a list of the key features:

  • Pulp Adventure Thriller from the minds that brought you Crawl and Peridium.
  • An engrossing roller-coaster of a story – Drawing on King, Crichton and Carpenter, with a dash of 70s Ozploitation.
  • Point ‘N Click or Controller – Featuring unique twin-stick interaction makes The Drifter as comfy to play on the couch as at the PC.
  • Brooding dark-synth cinematic score.
  • Fully voice acted.

You’re welcome to watch the trailer below:

The Drifter doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can check out the playable demo on Steam and add it to your wishlist if it tickles your fancy.