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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope This Halloween

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope follows on the scares and evokes survival instincts in this horror title.

Woot! The new instalment of Silent Hill is here, and we don’t have to wait until the next-gen arrives! Wait a minute… that’s not Silent Hill – but there’s a lot of pea soup involved.

Hands up, I was initially dismissive of The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope, smelling something of an ‘inspired by’ theme. In the opening seconds, it felt like Silent HillUntil Dawn (they made it!), a little Forbidden Siren and Children of the Damned.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope - Map
Source: YouTube screenshot

Also, isn’t that Will Poulter from Son of Rambow and We’re The Millers?!

Visually, the game is a bit of a treat, and Supermassive Games are among the masters of the craft, but wondering if it was a bit of a movie trailer experience and we’ve seen most of the shocks? That’s put me off a bit, then I see this:

‘2 player online share story’, or ‘up to 5 players in couch-friendly movie night mode’.

Wow, that’s impressive. As I’m no longer a teenage girl or ever was one, I seldom invite friends around for a scary movie night, but when I was a lad, me and my mates used to watch the likes of Child’s Play and House on VHS in a caravan. Much scarier.

As for The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope, a college professor and their four students find themselves stranded in an abandoned town – the title of the game; Little Hope, and experience a series of gruesome visions.

To stay alive, they’re forced to uncover the mysteries of the town’s past, and with the hope of survival, or have the ‘evil forces drag each of their souls to hell’.

Though this type of horror game doesn’t phase me on paper, I have a feeling that I would need a spare pair for some of the jump scares. See for yourself:

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope is out on the 30th of October, if you have the cojones to play on that particular date.

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