The Bus: All Aboard For A 1:1 Scale Tour Of Berlin

Before you scoff at the anoraks, The Bus sounds like an impressive simulator, coming to Steam Early Access this month.

You’ll never get me on a bus again. That’s the line I said alongside that I’ll never work in an office again, but here I am promoting the news about The Bus. That’s not buses in general, but an upcoming Early Access.

That’s not a promotion for the sake of it. Some time ago, I stumbled upon Bus Simulator. Thinking that I’d perhaps wow at the visuals and realism, reality would hit in that it’d be as exciting as being on the bus. Surprisingly, it was a pretty good game.

The Bus - A clean one
A clean example. Source: Steam

With The BusAerosoft and TML Studios are putting out a 1:1 scale of Berlin in the game. That’s not Berlin [enter some state in the US], but Berlin, Germany, and that’s something I’d personally like to explore in this bus driving simulation.

Rather than misquote the intention of the developers, check this out:

With The Bus, we are depicting Berlin on an extensive and detailed scale. This makes the game extremely realistic and immersive, perfect for casual or hardcore sim fans… But what makes it truly special is that, in addition to the next-gen driving simulation, we are also including a deep economy mode, a plethora of modding tools, and, above all, a multiplayer mode. This combination is unique to the genre, and The Bus is sure to set a new standard for simulations of its type.

Thomas Langelotz, CEO of TML Studios

I have zero interest in buses, but as mentioned about a similar simulator, they are very engaging and catering for casual players. It’s one to watch, and other features in The Bus Early Access include:

  • Three Modes: Realistic Campaign, Arcade, and Custom
  • Mouse support for convenient driving control with simple keyboard and mouse setup
  • Supports many gaming steering wheels with or without pedals
  • Supports Tobii Eye Tracking and TrackIR
  • “Photo Mode” allows for high quality, UI-free screenshots 
  • Two integrated web radio channels: DoubleBass.FM and FlashBass.FM

Here’s a trailer:

The Bus enters the Early Access phase on Steam on the 25th of March. It’s a title I aim to cover, so watch this space.