The Block: The World’s Smallest Citybuilder’

Could you get any smaller than this city builder? I think not. The Block is coming to Steam this month...

City builders are one of the best genres, amirite? However, Paul Schnepf (The Ramp) and Future Friends (Exo One) appreciate that not everyone has the time for a triple AAA gind, so they have devised The Block.

Deemed ‘the world’s smallest citybuilder’ (noticing a theme, Paul…), this is a bite-sized simulator that makes Tinytopia look colossal. With a focus on a chill vibe without sweating the small stuff, you can build a teeny city in minutes, allowing you to ‘zoom in and zone out’.

Key features include:

  • CHOOSE from a variety of levels and sizes!
  • CREATE a tiny city block from randomly generated tiles!
  • BASK in the glory of your adorable creation!

Check out The Block’s trailer here:

The good news is The Block release date is the 16th of December. Expect a review nearer the time, but in the meantime, add it to your Chrimbo list.