The Best Point And Click Adventures Of 2022

The best point and click adventures of 2022. Not a definitive list, but a list nonetheless.

This list is 100% based on my gaming palate. That’s how we’ll begin so you don’t get your panties in a twist (phwoar! got any pics?), it’s just an opinion. This ‘The Best Point and Click Adventures of 2022’ article has two functions: to entice you into a point and click you might have missed and to add a new feature to the homepage. I’m bored of the Steam Deck one.

Another disclaimer: I haven’t played Return to Monkey Island yet, nor have I got my mitts on Voodoo Detective. They’re at the top of my list, but time is a bitch, and so’s your mo…. Perhaps over the holidays? By then, we should have a GOTY up. Shall we begin?

Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries

Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries Review - Grilling
Grilling. Source: Screen capture

Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries is one of a handful of games in this list that don’t typically fall under the conventional sense of a point and click, but I’m including it here anyway as it’s between that and a visual novel, sporting some rather lovely black and white illustrations.

Challenging conventions is the port of call, as the narrative isn’t one you’re likely to have stumbled upon. Not only do you see dead people, but your companion in the game is Oscar Wilde’s ghost. And to top that? The events occur in 1922 and touch on Ireland’s 100 years of independence. Fascinating stuff.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack walkthrough - Handy ATM
Handy ATM. Source: Screen capture

Finally, a protagonist with a fantastic first name (no, Vulgar isn’t my real name). You play this somewhat loveable geek with two other characters on their journey through time. Think DOTT with a fair amount of sci-fi references, and you’ll get the idea.

Point and clicks are typically lovely to look at, and Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack is no exception – the hand-drawn characters are brilliant and almost as good as Justin’s name.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - No walkthroughs yet_
What? Where are all the walkthroughs? Source: Screen capture

The Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit review got this lil’ website quite a bit of exposure, and while I welcome you all with open arms and a big, wet, sloppy kiss (no tongues), let the contents of that review point you in the direction of the game.

This is by far one of my favourite point and clicks, in the mould of Broken Sword, but firmly standing on its own adventurous feet, Milda is fab, and I’m genuinely hopeful of future adventures taking across Europe once more. One can only hope.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die!
Source: Screen capture

Woot! Raaawwwkk!!! As a washed-out hair metal teddy, you need to get the band back together, but unfortunately, this isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect.

While Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! is a relatively easy game, the events that unfold are pretty damn extreme and will test whether you have the patience to battle with the bands or wrestle with the cistern,

Pants Quest

Pants Quest Review - Sums it up
Sums it up. Source: Screen capture

Super quick and effective, Pants Quest confirms that Tuesdays are the worst. Finding your pants (trousers, not smalls) is just the start of your problems, and while there are a fair amount of puzzles that could wind you up, this little indie with worth a look.

As Dave, you’ll have some mediocre problems to solve that are worthwhile due to the comedy element and surrealness of it all: this only happened to me the other morning! Have a look-see for it by name.


Boxville Review - This place is a circus
This place is a circus! Source: Screen capture

One of those indie games you see in a news piece that doesn’t get a review due to time constraints; developers Triomatica Games reached out to see whether it was something I wanted to play. Hell yeah!

Part animation, part adventure, you must locate your pet (can) dog after a series of earthquakes separates you, and they are subsequently kidnapped. Boxville is a feel-good story featuring some rather challenging puzzles but a relatively short playtime (but more feel-good when you solve the puzzles!).

The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow

More blood, Vicar? Source: Screen capture.

Top of the Steam wishlist; this didn’t disappoint. Since writing the review, I made a guide and played the game several times. I have to say, it gets better and better, despite knowing the outcome.

Quite possibly a GOTY, at the very least, in the honours list, Cloak and Dagger Games’ folktale is a must for the point and click fan, more so for those with a penchant for cinema and creepy local people.

Azazel’s Christmas Fable

Azazel's Christmas Fable Review
Source: Steam

Far from a seasonal gimmick, I finished this at the start of December, and have this lined up for another play during Christmas.

It is made with Adventure Game Studio, Greg Muhlbock’s game is unlike many generic adventures that come out of the stable but has a Sierra quality to it. With a decent amount of challenge, hidden objects, humour and a good story, it’s one of the better Christmas games you can get.

Lucy Dreaming

Lucy Dreaming Review
Source: Steam

Yet another Steam wishlist point and click adventure, Tall Story Games’ title was always going to be on this list. With Easter eggs galore, hilarious dialogue and a star protagonist you can’t help but love, Lucy Dreaming is a wet dream for fellow Zak McKraken fans.

Ok, that’s going a bit far, but it’s a delight. The puzzles are challenging, there are many references to fellow ‘old’ gamers favourite things growing up, and, well… just go look it up, will you?

The Plague Doctor of Wippra

The Plague Doctor of Wippra release date
Source: Steam

Noticing a theme of short playthroughs? The Plague Doctor of Wippra is Electrocosmos and Application Systems Heidelberg’s expose of shoddy medical practices. Ok, so it’s medieval Germany – what do you expect? 

While a short runtime unlocking all the achievements might be a challenge, I got your back. Still, I recommend you stick this one out and try it yourself, as it’s a brilliant, thought-provoking indie.

Nightmare Frames

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - The fuzz
The fuzz. Source: Screen capture

Screenwriting and horror films go hand-in-hand when it comes to 80s Hollywood, and Nightmare Frames captures the scene perfectly. 

As Alan Goldberg, you’re on the hunt for a possible MacGuffin, but if it means breaking out of the shackles of straight-to-video-like schlock, you’d be prepared to give up your soul, right? A potential GOTY for me.

Who’s Lila?

Who's Lila? - Surprised
Surprised to see me? Source: Screen capture

Who’s Lila? I’ve written enough about this, and before jotting down GOTY contenders, this one is up there with Elden Ring, albeit, very, very different.

This game from Garage Heathen is an acquired taste and may have you weighing up my reviews based on what I deem top quality. Still, I know what I like, and this creepy yet profound unconventional point and click (use your face instead of a verb wheel!) is one of my favourite games, period.

Unforeseen Incidents 

Unforeseen Incidents Switch Review
Source: Screen capture

A little nod to Unforeseen Incidents. It was released last year (I think), but January 2022 was the Nintendo Switch release date, and it’s easily one of the best point and click adventures available for the handheld, even if it isn’t exclusive.

Co-written by Alasdair Beckett-King (of Nelly Cootalot fame), this conspiracy theory tale is arguably one of the best out there, with excellent voice talents and a very, very cool art style. Marvellous.

Plot of the Druid

Plot of the Druid Early Access
Source: Steam

Finally, an update. Plot of the Druid was featured in the list below as I hadn’t written out my preview for it, though anticipated it would be good and included it. Come on… point and click were the leading words. Still, give it a chance, and that I did. For something that’s actually in an Early Access build, I have to say you need to check this one out.

We can’t live in the past and have to move on, but just for the record, the Amiga was the best computer of all time and had some amazing adventure titles. One such game was Simon the Sorcerer. Did you like that? You’ll love Plot of the Druid. Featuring some excellent visuals, brilliant comedy and some challenging puzzles (it even has a difficult setting?!), I’d suggest you download the free-to-play demo and see for yourself. Currently, there’s the Prologue and a full chapter, so what are you waiting for?

What To Watch Out For?

This bit is to give a wink to some of the games I haven’t played yet, that are in development or general titles to keep an eye on. There are way more, but my fingers ache now. Find lost treasure in Bellemore Manor in You Foolish Mortals – a hand-drawn adventure with 70+ locations, 100 items to pick up and use, and 30 fully-voiced characters. 

Catie in Meowmeowland is a preview I played, but I didn’t get a review copy, so I will have to buy it when there’s time. Another demo was Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, something you should keep a look out for in 2023. The Dreams in the Witch House is a Lovecraft-inspired adventure and was a highlight of Steam Next Fest.

The Night Is Grey
Source: Steam

Old Skies is Wadjet Eye Games’ latest. I needn’t say anything as it’s a no-brainer: I love this publisher and want to marry them. Not too much info on The Night Is Grey, but it’s firmly cemented in my mind’s eye after playing the demo and looking forward to playing in due course. Finally, Unusual Findings, which is out now. Another one where I couldn’t secure a review code, but I will buy when time permits.

I’ll have missed something. Don’t be offended or alarmed: it’s just me compiling this list, and I’m currently spinning some plates, building a time machine and drinking some grog. Humour me – if there’s something not listed that you think I should play (or you’re a dev/pub and want to send me a code for a point and click for review), hit me up.

And no, I don’t do guest posts for casinos for the billionth time, but I will accept that $1 million you want to transfer to my account that I inherited from some wealthy prince. I don’t want the Viagra, though.