The Baby In Yellow – Christmas Chapter: A Lovecraft Season

It's not quite Christmas, but don't let The Baby In Yellow - Christmas Chapter stop you. Weirdo.

My god, The Baby In Yellow – Christmas Chapter is one freaky title. The announcement appeared in my inbox earlier in the week and was just as disturbing when I checked it out.

But what the eff is this update? Well… The Baby In Yellow is a free to download title from Team Terrible, available on, iOS, and Android. With over 100 million downloads thus far, you should have heard of it.

Here’s the premise: you have to babysit some horrible looking sprog on Christmas Eve and survive the night. That isn’t simply changing nappies, but you have to battle an evil snowman in an epic snowball fight. If you manage to get through it all, you’ll be rewarded with an array of fabulous Christmas joy, a.k.a. presents.

Here’s the trailer:

Where can you find The Baby In Yellow – Christmas Chapter? Why,, iOS, and Android, don’t you know. 

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