What The Shit? The Adventures Of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1?

Tired of serving burritos all day? Time to live the life of an adventurer in The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 on Steam.

Hey. The name’s Bluke Bifton. My apologies for the profanity, but it’s the company I keep. My ol’ pal, Captain Munch, joins me in The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1, and he swears like a trooper. Don’t like vulgarity? You’re on the wrong website.

A new episodic point and click/visual novel adventure from a two-man dev team, Brainloaf Studio, you take on the role of Bluke – a young ‘un who hates his life and menial existence serving burritos to salty ol’ dogs. Then one day, he decides to help out said punter by helping them move after being evicted, only to begin an absurd journey that’d only make sense in Adventure Time.

Do give The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 a shot. The screenshots alone don’t do it justice, but the trailer (seen further down the page), captures the hilarity in this chaotic indie. Also, don’t assume it’s a typical point and click – it’s far from conventional.

The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 - Crew
Crew. Source: Steam

The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 Review

Sure, your jaw isn’t going to drop, nor will you spunk your pants, but the variety in this game is refreshing. While it often errs on a visual novel, there are a few point and click elements, ‘choices matter’ dialogue scenarios you can’t accidentally click, and plenty of arcade mini-games. It feels like the evolution of flash animation of the 00s, infused with adventure games and Saturday morning kid’s cartoons.

Besides Adventure TimeThe Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 reminded me of Ren & Stimpy and my all-time favourite, Rocko’s Modern Life; all rolled into one. It’s all hand-drawn, which adds to the charm, but the dialogue and voice talent made this a standout. Again, the vocals blend Ren & Stimpy and even Rick and Morty. Delicious.

I would explain the story, but it’s so madcap you must experience. Literally, you head out on an adventure the moment you leave your home with no direction other than to skip your duties and a little bit of school. Within moments you’ve befriended two explorers, name your crew (in my case Bastard-Killing Squad), then head out onto the open road for an adventure.

The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 - Munch Bunch
Munch Bunch. Source: Steam

Bluke Nuke ‘Em

Comparing The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 to a point and click isn’t fair, as you can’t move Bluke with the mouse. Instead, you use A and D, then click on nearby points of interest. Q brings up an inventory (not needed in Chapter 1 unless you wish to change your hat), and tab recalls dialogue. More importantly, the keyboard is used for the mini-games.

In the short time it takes to finish the game, you’ll build burgers, perform in a circus, and outrun an oversized beast. They’re simple events but quite brutal, as the end goal is to get you on an online leaderboard and earn some medals. Online-shy folk like me or grumpy RSI-tangled gamers can skip these if it takes their fancy, but you’d be missing out.

Quite honestly, The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 is like revisiting all those cartoons from your childhood in an interactive environment. The dialogue aspects are on rails, for obvious reasons, but thoroughly entertaining, as are the mini-games and navigating around the world. By the time I’d completed my adventure, I was already looking for the next instalment. When, Brainload Studios? When?


The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1 is a no-brainer – especially for 90s kids, Miniclip, Cartoon Network fans, and all things fun. I loved it and can’t wait to play more episodes. There isn’t a playable demo to try, but considering the price for Chapter 1? Just get it, for Flungo’s sake.