That’s A Cow – For All Your Bovine Needs

Pick one of 20 delicious cows (erm..) and take them soaring through the sky to collect those prizes. That's A Cow out this week on the Nintendo Switch.

Is it a bird, is it… no, That’s A Cow. Idiot. Oh, sorry – that’s the name of RedDeer Games’ latest title – a platform/runner where you must fly through the sky (as a cow), collecting coins and splashing your milk.

Not a euphemism.

Available for the Nintendo Switch this week, That’s A Cow is a cute platform puzzler with more than 100 levels and a whopping 20 different cow types. 

Key features include:

  • more than 20 cows to collect
  • more than 100 levels
  • shooting a stream of milk and more
  • cute graphics in pastel colours
  • rhythmic soundtrack in hip-hop and funky disco style

Here’s the milky trailer:

That’s A Cow is out this week on the 11th of November for the Nintendo Switch. That’s four releases in one day from the publisher!! on the 18th of November. Hey, this ain’t on me, y’all.

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