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Anyone for Tennis? Not me. I don’t really like the sport. I’m more of a badminton person, but that won’t affect my judgment on this NES ‘classic’. Tennis is rubbish all by itself. This is one of those games where I can play a few minutes and be done with it. Never played again.

I always try to be a fair person and give things a chance as someone created this. Then again, as I get older, losing my hair – many years from now (actually, that started a while ago), I just think the hell with it and be honest. But in a nice way. Tennis isn’t the worst game I’ve ever played. I don’t actually know what that is.

NES Tennis fault on the court

How on earth can I fill this space with a commentary on Tennis, brought to you by NES Online? I could talk about something completely different. Well, let’s at least try and stay on the tennis brick road.

The best tennis game I’ve ever played? Pro Tennis Tour 2 or Great Courts 2 in the United States, which of course was on the Amiga. Or perhaps I could recommend Virtua Tennis 2 on the Dreamcast? Are you noticing a pattern here? Amiga… Dreamcast… those are a few of my favourite things. Let me give a little wave to a PC title (not exclusively, but the platform I played it on) Outlaw Tennis. I preferred Outlaw Golf though (which I subsequently bought on the GameCube the other day). And no, I don’t actually like golf either.

I think I lasted about 9-10 minutes. You can literally jump straight into the ‘excitement’ of a game and start straight away. My first hurdle was serving. It took a few hits until I realised how to actually do it. By the time I could complete a serve, the computer opponent volleyed it over the net and I was done. Either that or I got double faults.

My turn to return the favour, thus return the shot. Much easier to receive. A bit like presents. Anyhoo, I got into the swing of things “ha” but then realised you can’t really direct the ball so unless you placed yourself perfectly, you’d end up backhanding it out of the court. Sigh. That’s when I lost my patience and decided enough is enough. 10 minutes is ample time to review a game. That’s what it says in my fictitious review book.

And my verdict? Well surely you read the first bit before skimming down to here – I didn’t like the game and have since deleted it. No wait, you can’t do that. Ok, I won’t be playing it anytime soon.

NES Tennis double fault on the court

Next on the list are the other sports titles such as Baseball, Tecmo Bowl, Ice Hockey or even Pro Wrestling. I suppose as I’m currently looking at Nintendo Switch games, Mario Tennis Aces should be on the list. I did declare that I’m not a tennis fan though so I’m not in a hurry to get it. Unless someone gives it to me. I don’t see that will happen, unless it’s by my future self who found it at a car boot sale. So overall, there’s not much love for Nintendo’s Tennis. Byeeeee.

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