Some Kind Of Monster (Truck): Teardown Löckelle Motor Park Update

The free Löckelle Motor Park content update for Teardown features a new obstacle course and two hulking monster trucks.

Teardown is another one of those games that initially passed me by until it showed up on my PlayStation Plus account. If you haven’t already played this, I recommend you get it – especially with the new Löckelle Motor Park content update.

From Saber Interactive and Tuxedo Labs, this first-person voxel beaut features real-time physics and a fully destructible environment where you destroy, infiltrate and steal from multiple sites. It’s pretty damn challenging but an absolute delight.

In the Teardown Löckelle Motor Park update, a new challenging obstacle course and some ‘formidable’ monster trucks to wreak havoc. Here’s the Teardown launch trailer:

The Löckelle Motor Park update is free now for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and in 2024, a new Teardown premium DLC is coming called Folkrace, which ‘adds a series of destructive racing game modes, three racetracks, and a fleet of new vehicles’.