Tattoo Punk: Let Your Creative Juices Flow With Cyber Ink And Mods

Ink up your victi- customers, in Tattoo Punk, a management game set in 2100 where you get to mod out your clientele, but also stay afloat to pay the bills.

Tattoo Punk is an upcoming title for Steam that taps into cyberpunk and art, all in one creative salon management game. You also get to tap into skin. Eww.

Now that Cyberpunk 2077 has been essentially fixed, the genre is getting another boost, but there’s been plenty of indie titles out there worth discovering, and this one from Cyber Rain Games could be one of them.

Tattoo Punk - Inked
Inked. Source: PR

In collaboration with No Gravity Games and VARSAV Game Studios, Tattoo Punk allows you to customise your customers with ink, mods, and even your workspace is open for personalisation. But as artists would like to consider themselves free spirits, you still have to contend with the business management side of things.

Book appointments, pay the bills and restock your goods, all the while raising your son. Don’t worry, no DNA tests needed as it’s part of the game and not your club life catching up with you. Instead, you play the character Henry in 2100, as he tries to make ends meet.

Key features in Tattoo Punk include:

  • Human body is a canvas – You are the artist. Unleash your creativity and design beautiful, massive, aggressive, meaningful tattoo patterns, then transfer them onto the skin… or mechanical augments.
  • Art is business… so you better make dough – Tattoos are awesome, yes, but what about money? Surviving in the city isn’t cheap, so use your silver tongue to haggle for the best price for your work. Sometimes you earn more than you should, sometimes the business goes south.
  • Meet your homies, tat and pimp your studio! But remember – you are not only an artist – you are also an owner, which means you must take care of proper advertisement of your tattoo parlor and manage your socials – people’s opinions might help you or hurt your business.
  • Ink your way into the world – Wake, Ink, Sleep, repeat. Foster relationships, gain loyal customers, secure your position in the city. Charm, Ink, Trade, work hard. Be a Tattoo Punk.
  • Punk’s not dead! 

Check out the trailer below:

I’d love to point you in the direction of a demo or, at the least, a release date; alas, it’s still in development. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from adding Tattoo Punk to your wishlist, eh?