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Tasomachi Behind The Twilight Release Date
Source: Steam


Tasomachi Behind The Twilight Release Date Next Week

If you’ve also played the demo, you’ll be pleased to know that Yukomo takes flight this month in the release of Tasomachi Behind The Twilight on PC.

During the most recent Steam Game Festival, I had the pleasure of playing Tasomachi Behind The Twilight. With only Japanese as an option, I anticipated the translations much further down the line; however, the game gets it’s release date next week.

From nocras and PLAYISM, this is a 3D world of exploration oozing charm. Though the demo was in Japanese, I understood enough to get by in terms of this being a platform game of fetching lanterns and solving puzzles.

There weren’t any spoken words or dialogue scenes from what I played, but the character you play was delightful – the open (ish) world in Tasomachi Behind The Twilight was even more of the star, and is ok for me to say that it reminded me a bit of Shenmue?

Tasomachi - Top of the tower
Top of ‘t tower. Source: Screen capture

Not that it’s anything like Shenmue in story or gameplay, but the Far-Eastern setting that seemed to mix Chinese and Japanese culture, with hints of fantasy with anthropomorphic characters you’d see in an anime series, encouraged me to explore more in the limited time of the demo.

I enjoy making 2D and 3D art for myself and others, but I felt a need to express myself and the beauty of the world, which I could only do properly through a video game of my own.

nocras, developer of Tasomachi Behind The Twilight

It’s no surprise to learn that nocras was a former artist, turned developer who worked on the likes of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild under their belt. They kinda know a bit about creating epic, believable worlds. And guess what? You’re invited. If you have a PC.

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In short, you play Yukumo – an explorer with a bonafide airship, as she investigates temples, dungeons and picturesque scenery without the need of watching the health bar. There isn’t one. Sure, you will respawn if you fall off an edge, but there’s no threat, allowing you to meet and greet the local Nezu Tribe, then pimping your airship for the next ride.

Here’s a Tasomachi Behind The Twilight trailer, in case you haven’t already seen it:

Tasomachi Behind The Twilight is available on Steam and GOG from the 14th of April.

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