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Tanuki Justice - Bamboo
Bamboo Grove. Source: PR


Tanuki Justice Physical Edition For The Nintendo Switch

To complement the Tanuki Justice Switch review, here’s details about the physical release from PixelHeart.

Fresh off the heels of writing the Tanuki Justice Switch review, here are some further details on PixelHeart’s physical release for the system, scheduled for release today (26th of February).

Playing as a brother and sister tanuki combo, you battle it out over a number of stages, taking out enemies like in Shinobi, while rising to the challenge of environmental hazards and bosses.

This is a challenging game from my experience and features three difficulties to choose from, in case you’re a maniac. But perhaps it’s one of those games that you want to impress your mates with at how good you are?

Tanuki Justice - Gorillas
Gorillas in the… midst. Source: PR

On that basis, snag the physical release from PixelHeart/Just For Games, and have that delight of a physical copy gracing your shelves for all to see. There are 5000 sold on their site that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Tanuki Justice features the following:

  • Dynamic gameplay with visuals that fit the atmosphere.
  • Dozens of different types of enemies.
  • Classical shurikens over the head and a giant shuriken for difficult moments.
  • Playable in single or two-player mode.

By all means, read my review, but don’t let that be a deciding factor. Check some gameplay, and if you think you can ace this, hop on over to the shop to add to your collection. No, I’m not on a commission.

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