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Z-Warp PS5 Review

Z-Warp Is Bullet Hell!

Retrieve a black box from the bowls of an alien mothership in indie shmup Z-Warp - a short, yet effective bullet hell experience. Out now on PS4/5 (also for Switch and Xbox).
Beat Invaders Review

Beat Invaders Sends Me Hyper

Shoot mah bitch up. I can't think of anything to write here for Beat Invaders. Nobody reads these excerpts anyway. If you do, this shmup is the mutts. Also, hello.
Hyper-5 PC Review

Hyper-5 PC Review: Hype It Up!

It's time to milk the word hype and hype up this excellent shmup, Hyper-5. If you enjoyed the demo, you'll love the rest.
Super Ick release date

Something Fishy In Super Ick

Fans of shmups and fishing will want to look into indie game Super Ick, released today on PC, as it fuses fishing and bullet hell into one!
Crisis Wing PS5 Review

Crisis Wing Review For PS5

With the choice of vertical or a horizontal setup, Crisis Wing is an old school shmup catered to many (just don't look for the difficulty settings).