Synergia Out Next Week: One Cop And Their House Droid Build Bridges

A cyberpunk-themed visual novel featuring a veteran cop and their house droid - Synergia out on Switch next week.

Ready for some more cyberpunk? Eastasiasoft has tapped into that thirst with another one from the growing genre pool with visual novel Synergia, which is out on the Switch next week.

Announced during their showcase, this dystopian cityscape hones in on the relationship between a veteran cop, Cila, and their replacement house droid called M.A.R.A. This unit has an uncanny ability to tap into Cila’s psyche, revealing some truths along the way.

Synergia - Spam
City spamming. Source: Screen capture

With more than 20 characters with complex personalities to engage with and multiple endingsSynergia offers a different playthrough each time with approximately 10 hours worth of narrative and ‘interactive terminal sequences’.

Key features include:

  • Journey through a cyberpunk setting of neon-lit corruption.
  • Explore nearly 100 unique backgrounds and CGs.
  • Meet 20+ characters with personal histories woven into the narrative.
  • Experience a vivid soundtrack composed by Andy Andi Han.
  • Make key choices that impact the story and lead to multiple endings.

Here’s a trailer for you:

Synergia is released on the Nintendo Switch next week, but a digital pre-load starts from today.