Sword of the Vagrant Will Wash In Time For Its Release Date

Don't assume that all vagrants are stinky. Sword of the Vagrant certainly doesn't stink. Least for the action platformer fans.

Gorgeous hand-painted graphics? As written by the game developers, but Rainy Frog is on the right path for their upcoming Sword of the Vagrant, irrespective of how biased they may be.

What’s the game about? They haven’t told me! So, After some careful research (*click *click), Sword of Vagrant is a game. A platform game where you play Vivian the Vagrant, located in the world of Mythrilia. Sorry, it’s not inspiring me right now, so don’t expect a review anytime soon.

Here is what those hand-painted graphics look like:

Sword of the Vagrant is out in just over a week (1st of December 2022) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. A PS5 version will follow in 2023, don’t you know?