Surgeon Simulator 2 coming next month
Source: Bossa Labs

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out at the end of next month, and the creative mode looks insane as does the gameplay. What’s it about exactly?

The Sims has upped it’s game with a new creation engine as.. wait: this isn’t The Sims? I’ve been duped – isn’t Surgeon Simulator 2 supposed to be a simulation for, well, surgery?

Having not played the original, I’m under the impression that it doesn’t take surgery too seriously. Thank god for that, as I’ve been traumatised with the number of deaths by my hand in Life and Death on the Amiga and boardgame classic, Operation!

Surgeon Simulator 2 - Meat
Meat. Source: Bossa Labs

I’m a bit lost in the chaos and not knowing much about the original title from 2013 surmised that the emphasis on Surgeon Simulator 2, by Bossa Studios, is the creative mode and multiplayer element.

Bossa Labs is a playground for making an almost endless variety of level creations not remotely associated with the medical profession. The options are mind-blowing as you can play solo or with a group of friends, creating anything from escape rooms to bowling alleys.

There is a story somewhere at the back, but with the co-founders of Bossa Labs having what could be defined as a ‘maverick’ approach to medicine, it’s the surreal level design that makes it all the more coherent.

I still don’t get it, but from the following trailer, I’m all for it:

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out on the 27th August and available for pre-order from the Epic Games Store. If that tickles your fancy, you’ll unlock access to the closed beta from the 7-9th August and receive ‘exclusive cosmetics including the Mad Scientist cosmetic set’.

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