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Super Sports Blast Applies The 3 Is The Magic Number Formula

Super Sports Blast is a 3-in-1 bundle of soccer, volley and tennis from Unfinished Pixel, out this month.

Super Sports Blast out this month
Source: PR

Once upon a time, I wrote a feature about the best football games on Switch. You’ll note that Super Soccer Blast was omitted from that, the reason being I reviewed it on the PS4.

If clicking a link and scrolling isn’t your thing, I gave it an 8/10. It was an enjoyable game and has a lot of longevity – something you need for a football game, but guess what? On Christmas Day, you’ll be able to get this as well as two other sports title in the Super Sports Blast package.

Included in this bundle from Unfinished Pixel is Super Blast SoccerVolley and Tennis. The latter two haven’t been on my to-do list thus far so haven’t played them, but if they’re anything like the former, we’re in for a treat.

Super Sports Blast - Football
Football, not soccer 🙂 Source: PR

Also, to be candid about Super Sports Blast, I neither like tennis or volleyball, but if I can play through Super Dodge Ball on the NES Online and find some fun in it, if the devs work the same charm as their soccer, I mean football, title, then I’m game if you are.

Play solo or as a local multiplayer with an extensive avatar editor (always a winner), plus new achievements and custom tournaments, should you want to rope in granny for a little 11-a-side.

Going in blind a little, but the advantage of Super Blast Soccer (and perhaps Super Sports Blast) is anyone can pick up and play without having to show off with over the top tricks. That said, my daughter managed to find a way to score from the halfway line, which prompted her to crown herself as the best football player in the house.

Check out some moving images here (the soccer title):

Super Sports Blast will be available from the 25th of December for Steam, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Expect a follow-up review nearer the time!

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