How Convenient: Super Mini Mart Is Coming To Steam In 2023

Run your own convenience store, that is *conveniently* a laid-back approach. Super Mini Mart is a life sim coming to Steam in 2023.

Hang on a minute; where the heck is Mario and Donkey Kong? My apologies – Super Mini Mart not Nintendo’s favourite racer. That established, what is it?

Unsurprisingly, this game from Blazing Pandas and Those Awesome Games (Monster Prom) isn’t a racing game but a laid-back management simulator about running a convenience store.

In Super Mini Mart, you’re responsible for stock management, applying discounts to overpriced items, but most important: being the best convenience store in town. Sounds like a plan.

Key features include:

  • A vibrant yet laid-back world, filled with pleasant activities that allow players to remain stress-free even when lagging behind. 
  • A mini-universe densely populated with unique characters with soulful backstories and memorable interactions. 
  • Get to know your stock! From food to apparel, each item has designated requirements and mechanics. 
  • Come for the charming 3D pixelated aesthetic, stay for the wholesome gameplay and heartfelt interactions. 

I want to see a trailer. Do you want to see a trailer?

Super Mini Mart isn’t out until Q3 2023, but don’t let that stop you from adding it to your wishlist. Perhaps you’ll have your Steam Deck by then?

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