Super Huey III – Get To The Retro Chopper!

Classic chopper simulator Super Huey III has a limited 33% discount on Steam and GOG right now.

In follow up to their reboot library, Ziggurat has recently released Super Huey III for Steam and GOG, currently with a 33% discount applied on this 2003 title.

As a chopper fan, steady now, I recalled playing the original a long, long time ago and was wowed by the realistic simulator at the time. More so that you got to fly in a Huey.

With improvements to the graphics and UI, Super Huey III, from developed by Webfoot Technologies is available in all its glory for those who wish to revisit the franchise or have a penchant for old school games without spending a fortune.

Super Huey III - Cockpit
Cockpit. Source: PR

Key features in Super Huey III include the following:

  • Over 35 intense missions: featuring air-to-land and air-to-air combat, plus search-and-rescue objectives. 3 Bonus Missions await for those that can conquer the main campaign!
  • Choose your weapon: Your onboard computer-guided weapons system includes a rocket launcher, a Gatling gun, a flame thrower, and smart bombs that you must use wisely as you face off against enemy choppers, tanks, patrol cars, and even air balloons.
  • The best view of the action: Choose between cockpit and multiple outside views as you carry out your mission, including the “missile cam” view that flies with your shot to its target.
  • Realistic controls & displays: Your chopper’s onboard displays provide vital information such as air speed, altitude, radar-assisted target location, and the current state of your arsenal of weapons, rounds of ammunition, and fuel reserves.
  • Enhanced edition: This update to the game by the original developers of Super Huey™ III features improvements to the game’s graphics and user interface, ensuring a great experience on modern hardware.

And here’s a trailer to show you what you missed the first time around:

Super Huey III is available now both on Steam and GOG for a limited discount of 33% applied.