Rebuild Your Legacy In City Builder Super Fantasy Kingdom

Still fixated on 'relaxing', Super Fantasy Kingdom is a rogue-lite city builder coming to Steam.

A relaxing rogue-lite? That’s what it says here for the city builder Super Fantasy Kingdom – a strategic fantasy game where you have to rebuild your kingdom and defend it against hordes of enemies. Yeah, ‘relaxing’.

Upon returning from a hunt, your kingdom is in flames, and your wife is missing. As if that’s not enough, the hordes of enemies are monsters, and you’ll protect and explore the outside world during a day and night cycle similar to survivor games.

Key features in Super Fantasy Kingdom include:

  • Very easy building and city management. Just assign your workers and they do the rest!
  • Few resources and production chains, but intricate usage decisions.
  • Defend your kingdom with a unique team out of over 100 different units each run. Every unit has upgrades and an evolution.
  • In the tavern your units feast on the food you prepared during day to level up. It serves as a summary of your performance, connecting combat and base building.
  • Explore the open world to progress permanently and unlock upgrades.
  • Boss fights testing your builds.
  • Character-driven and voiced story that unfolds through the runs, told in short dialogues.

Here’s a trailer:

Super Fantasy Kingdom, from Feryaz Bear, is coming to Steam in 2023. To get further notifications, make sure to wishlist it.