Super Drink Bros Adds A New Character Who Is One With The Wind

Super Drink Bros., currently in Early Access, releases seventh character, Sasaki Takeo.

It’s Thursday morning, and I could use a drink – A Super Drink Bros. I know, that doesn’t work. Hump day was a dress down day, and most of it spent on replaying Plants Vs Zombies.

Today’s news is about the seventh new fighter in the Super Drink Bros. lineup, Sasaki Takeo. Takeo san can slice through the wind, I mean, they’re no Pocari Sweat (I was always in the Dakara camp).

Anyway, rather than re-write the Super Drink Bros. fighter info, here’s what developer Neko Game Teacher (Twitter link) has provided:

A samurai who slays his opponents with blinding speed. 

The seventh new fighter to be added is the cool samurai Takeo Sasaki. He carries a sword and fights with a speed that can slice through the wind, and no one will be able to catch up with him.

His skills are derived from both his main and sub-skills, and by changing the skills he uses depending on the situation, he is a fighter who can run in all directions while fighting. 

You can use your sub skills to get into the opponent’s pocket at once! 

The sub-skill of Takeo Sasaki is a quick dash. It’s a great way to get the most out of the game.

After using the sub-skill input an additional normal attack to unleash a quick thrust attack. Use your sub-skill to get close to your opponent, and then use your thrust attack.

If you use this subskill while attacking, your skill will change and do a blue spinning slash. This skill can be used to cancel normal attacks and other attacks, so you can catch your opponent a little off guard. 

The main skill is counter! And even more powerful derivative moves! 

The main skill of Takeo Sasaki is the counter. The skill gauge consumed is a bit high, but if you decide to use it at the right moment, it will be the start of a counterattack.

Even if you don’t get a counter, you can continue to input an additional subskill to perform a red spinning slash. This spinning slash has a guard break, so if your opponent is relieved after surviving a counter, you can give him a good beating.

After playing another Early Access beat ’em up, Billion Beat, I’m thirsty for more. Thirsty for more? Ha… Here’s some Super Drink Bros. gameplay:

Currently in Early Access, Super Drink Bros. is out now and firmly on my wishlist. If there’s a chance to get playing it in its current phase, expect a review soon. In the meantime, here’s a link to the Steam page.