Super Dodge Ball NES Online

Super Dodge Ball doesn't feature Ben Stiller but elite teams against another, for world dodgeball domination.

Super Dodge Ball. Dodgeball isn’t a sport – it’s just a playground game for kids. Right? Right? Apparently, it’s not and part of the curriculum for all those who are born in May and left-handed. Not here in my world. We don’t have schools – they were turned into flower shops that specialise in cake decoration. You guessed it, an irrelevant post.

What I like about the NES Online catalogue is it allows me to pick up a game, give it a go and then never play it again knowing full well I didn’t spontaneously purchase it and/or spend a lot of money in the process. What I like more is it sparks a tiny bit of nostalgia in my grey matter which reminds me of my youth and the games I used to enjoy then. I don’t have a comparison to Super Dodge Ball as I think this is the only dodgeball game I have played except for real life.

Super Dodge Ball in India

I could use some filler and talk about the film DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Mariah Carey but it wasn’t really very good. It would have been better with them in it. Dream Team. So what can I talk about instead? The game. Ah yes, the game.

Dodgeball is a game one can play between two teams. One team is the Reds and the other is the Blues and the purpose is to throw the ball at the other team with the intent of hitting them, but not hurting them. That just isn’t cricket. It’s Super Dodge Ball. The opposing team member has to leave the court (not the High Court) and join the sidelines if hit, though they are able to catch it and throw it back without violation. They aren’t allowed to leave the court though as they could be eaten by sharks. With lasers.

A win for the USA

It’s a simple premise and Super Dodge Ball is a simple game. I didn’t finish it though as I got bored, so these comments aren’t entirely fair. If you play it though, you may agree. I started off as U-S-A, U-S-A and beat the team with the same name, USA, then England, then India.

My star player was Mike. He’s dreamy. The difference in teams isn’t noticeable at all however, other than having more health than one another. You can use tactics and sub your players at the start of each game and they tend to have more energy by then, but there are no formations, well-known players or grenades you can throw at the other team.

There are two buttons: one to throw at the opposing team, the other to lob to one of your team who stands on the outskirts (avoiding the sharks with lasers) to catch the other team off guard. There’s no gauge in Super Dodge Ball to see how hard you will throw. I often find that the computer knocks off more energy than me, the player. There are no instructions, nor will I search online for them as I’ll unlikely play it again, so – ho-hum. I won all three games though so that surely makes me the bestest?

Starting a dodgeball match in London

Really, I don’t know why I bothered, but then again, I get to take 10 minutes out to write some nonsense here rather than anything more about Super Dodge Ball. Nothing constructive, nothing life-changing – just a burst of half-hearted words. A bit like my enthusiasm for this game. I suppose if these were the latest games/we were back in the 80s, I might think this was a great game but as it’s not the 80s and as there are great games out there now, I can say that this you should dodge this game. No? Ok. Signing out.