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Sunshine Manor Enters The Kickstarter Party With A Prologue Available Now

Hopefully, there’ll be an abundance of horror games this month, and while Sunshine Manor won’t be out just yet, details about the Kickstarter campaign are out. Time to invest?

With a prologue chapter already available on Steam from Fossil Gamesthe Kickstarter campaign is already smashing it, with the desirable reward of a collector’s Sunshine Edition physical copy at the end.

A prequel to Camp Sunshine, the game is set to release on all major formats in 2021. You play as Ada as she’s trapped in Aitken Manor whilst trick or treating; the only way to get out is through her latent psychic abilities.

Sunshine Manor - Should we
Should we? Source: PR

We’d firstly like to say how thrilled we are to be teaming up with Hound Picked Games and Premium Edition and being able to offer our fans a Kickstarter exclusive Collector’s Edition of Camp Sunshine and Sunshine Manor. Two games, one cart, are presented in such a unique way that our fans are going crazy for them. 

Paul Dolby, developer at Fossil Games, 

Key features in the game include:

  • Discover and explore the ever-changing haunted Sunshine Manor.
  • Transport yourself to the Demon Realm and banish hellish fiends!
  • Beautiful hand-drawn 8-bit graphics.
  • A deadly game of Cat & Mouse where the Demon can be anywhere.
  • 80s Soundtrack written specially for this game.
  • A fantastic story-driven narrative.
  • Devious puzzles to tax your brain box.
  • Lots of scares, spooky scenes and nods to iconic horror franchises.

Check out the Sunshine Manor Kickstarter trailer below:

In the meantime, you can download the playable demo with approximately 25 minutes to an hour’s worth of playtime, depending on whether you want to experience everything available.

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