Recapture Long-Lost Summer Afternoons In The SUMMERHOUSE Demo

A timeless mini-city builder that focuses on summer afternoons by the sea, city or mountains. Play the SUMMERHOUSE demo on Steam today, and how.

Consider yourself a builder but never have enough time? Make time in the SUMMERHOUSE (all caps) demo currently available on Steam, courtesy of Friedemann (one-third of Grizzly Games) and besties, Future Friends on publishing.

So, it’s a small-scale building game, a ‘love letter to the feeling of long-lost summer afternoons’. Oooh – can you bottle that? If so, it’ll resemble this crafty lil’ builder.

In SUMMERHOUSE, you will create tiny, beautiful, lived-in homes in the sea, city, or mountains without any rules other than chilling. A bit like The Block, perhaps? Here are some of the features:

  • Build Beautiful, Lived-In Houses: Let your imagination roam free as you create cosy, gorgeous homes.
  • No Pressure, Just Pleasure: There are no rules, no scores, and no competition. This is your personal canvas to paint as you wish.
  • Soak in the Atmosphere: Lose yourself in the warmth of summer afternoons and the soothing sounds of your surroundings.

Watch the trailer:

SUMMERHOUSE will launch in 2024, but you can play that demo on Steam now. Go for it!