Sumatra Fate of Yandi Predicted This Week

Welcome to the jungle, baby - Sumatra Fate of Yandi hits consoles this week, fresh from Ratalaika Games.

Well, this was a sneaky, sneaky: Cloak and Dagger Games’ Sumatra Fate of Yandi is out this week on every modern console known to humanity – the Switch, Xboxesss and PlayStationesses too.

From Ratalaika Games, this point and click adventure tells the story of a logging worker involved in a landslide, hopelessly lost in the jungle. Their name is Yandi, and they’re a Sagittarius. Perhaps.

Your task, other than to reach civilisation, is to locate your best friend and co-worker Ramdan, then return home to their beloved, Adiratna. Alas, they didn’t leave on good terms and the most recent argument they had plays on their mind.

Sumatra Fate Of Yandi - Point
Point, then click. Source: Ratalaika Games

Anyone in, or been in, a relationship will know what that’s like. Even the most mundane of things will play on your mind, and being lost in the jungle isn’t going to help put things in perspective. So the question we ask: will you be able to locate Ramdan? Will you return home to Adiratna and sincerely apologise for leaving the toilet seat up?

Cloak and Dagger Games recently teased with a demo of Incantamentum, and I have to say, it was a brilliant, if brief experience, and if they can manifest their raconteur dark arts into Sumatra Fate of Yandi, then the future’s peachy.

Key features in Sumatra Fate of Yandi include:

  • Explore rich and vibrant mysteries of the jungle
  • Nostalgic adventure game style
  • An old-school point and click adventure aesthetic 
  • An intriguing storyline with many puzzles
  • Encounter humans and animals, friends and foes
  • Original soundtrack featuring 30 tracks

Would you like to see a trailer? Are you reading this sentence, or did you already cli- ok.

Sumatra Fate of Yandi is available from the 19th of March and will be priced at $6.99/€5.99, respectively. PS4 and PS5 will be cross-buy.