Succubus Shaman Update Introduces The Satyr, Plus Other Goodies/Baddies

Time to head back into Hell as there's one demon you haven't vanquished multiple times: the Satyr in the free Succubus Shaman update for PC...

Oh, Succubus, is there anything you won’t do to draw me into your lair? Here’s another reason to get the game: the Succubus Shaman update – it’s free!

If Hell isn’t Hell enough, you’ll find the new Satyr demon invading the levels and warding off intruders such as Vydija a bitch and a half. In addition to the new enemy, there’s a new whip variation, a new looped dream sequence(?) and bug fixes. Thanks, Madmind Studio – you’re spoiling us. Wait – I don’t have this game, but I do have Agony

In addition to the above, the following improvements have been made to Succubus (for more details, see the news piece on Steam:

  • Powers available in the Latex of Love armor again display correctly.
  • Numerous adjustments have been made to beach bodypaint textures.
  • Super Succubus armor will no longer mess up bodypaints.
  • We have decided to slightly nerf the Abomination on lower difficulty levels so that new players do not find the ugly monster too much of a challenge.

Here’s the Succubus Shaman update trailer:

More deets can be found on the Steam page.