Struggling To Find A Good Co-Op On The Nintendo Switch?

No official release date yet, but Struggling is a grotesque co-op puzzle title coming to the Switch.

Co-op puzzler Struggling is coming to the Nintendo Switch – quite possibly at the end of the month?

How about a little head? Two heads are better than one? Get a head in your gaming adventures? I’m struggling here. The funny thing is, it’s not early morning, late at night nor am I remotely intoxicated – I’m banging my head on how to start this as there’s no promo, just some investigative journalism. Pah!

Maybe there was a promo piece that I missed. There should be, Struggling comes out at the end of the month – that’s days away, and this doesn’t appear to be a game you should miss.

Struggling - Swingers
Swingers. Source: PR

From Chasing Rats, this co-op puzzle platform game follows the story of two gorgeous heads connected with a pair of arms. The goal is to ‘crawl, swing, clamber and slide to victory’ by controlling each arm individually.

Struggling relies on physics to outwit your enemies, launch across chasms and discover complex machinery. There’s a hint that it’s an ever-changing character with ‘game-changing’ powers such as time slowing and detachable limbs (ooh – check out the Helheim Hassle review while you’re here!).

No trailer yet as there’s no official date unless you count Nintendo’s release date of the 27th of August. Here’s hoping!