Eggcelerate! To The Tropics – Here For The Crack

A new addition to the Eggcelerate! series, just in time for Easter: Eggcelerate! to the Tropics out this month.

It’s almost Easter, so it’s time for some egg puns once more in the upcoming Eggcelerate! to the Tropics – a standalone from Tim Beaudet and Tyre Bytes LLC.

No doubt you’re already familiar with the earlier game – it was covered on this site some time ago. Essentially you have to drive around a course and ensure that the egg you are carrying doesn’t smash. Now do that as fast as you can and top the leaderboards.

But get this: Eggcelerate! to the Tropics takes place on two wheels as you’ll be riding motorcycles through jungle paths, maintaining just enough speed to get a good time and preventing any breakages.

Here’s the trailer:

Eggcelerate! to the Tropics is out this month, on the 30th of March 2023, but in the meantime, you can give the demo a go on Steam.