Stories Untold for the Switch

Extra, extra; Stories Untold has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. What is Stories Untold? Beats me, but with their track record for consistency, Devolver Digital continue to deliver great titles.

Stories Untold release date for Switch
An early prototype of HAL

Stories Untold is a mixed bag from No Code – the title being their debut. The game mechanics are a mixture of text-based adventure such as ‘You’re in a room…’ for those familiar with the BBC Micro, and the second element is a point and click. Not the traditional point and click adventure, but a first-person puzzle game of sorts.

I know little of the game but understand that it was a bit of a hit on the PC. Just reading a few forum comments and on YouTube, a lot of people are saying that elements of the game connect to one another, forming a bigger picture and with a deeper underlying narrative. Sounds wicked.

Here’s the promo for it.

It doesn’t blow me away at this stage, but having read the comments (without any spoilers), the game seems a lot deeper than on the surface and could be a surprise hit on the eShop.

There’s a definite Stranger Things aesthetic to it, and not just because of the title sequence, but the general 80s feel. A lot of the technology in the trailer takes me back to when some of that stuff was cutting edge and seemed to be passed down from aliens.

Stories Untold release date on the Nintendo Switch is 16th January 2020.

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