Sticky Business – Stick With Your Business Plan, It’s All Good

Fans of stickers get to create thousands of their own, then set up a business empire, fraternise with the punters, and make loadsa money in upcoming Sticky Business.

How can you slap stickers all over the place without getting any unwanted residue? Do it digitally with Sticky Business – a ‘cozy business simulation game’ from Spellgarden Games and Assemble Entertainment, where you can create thousands of customisation options, pack orders, develop an online store, and build relationships with customers.

A game that is free of penalties, there’s an emphasis on this being a chilled experience. Yes, it’s a creative environment, and while you still have to manage the actual business side of things, the paperwork here says that 

Key features in Sticky Business include:

  • Mix and match a plethora of the most wholesome and day-brightening stickers to create collections that are true to you — thousands of possible combinations available!
  • Grow your business gradually, and expand your boxed orders to include sweet gifts
  • A beautiful pastel palette will soothe your eyes just as the relaxing background tracks will soothe your ears
  • Buy upgrades with your hard-earned revenue to get more sticker graphics and effect foils to make your shop even more tempting for customers

Here’s a trailer:

Sticky Business will be available as a demo from the 10th of June, with the full release expected on PC in Summer 2023.