Steamboat Mickey And Steamboat Pete to Join Disney Speedstorm

Steamboat Mickey and Steamboat Pete are making their way to Disney Speedstorm Early Access in Season two!

Following the Disney Speedstorm Early Access preview, I’m still officially addicted to this game and playing virtually every day to the point where I eagerly anticipate the next season. Good news: it’s on its way, and two characters have been announced.

First up in Steamboat Mikey (you may remember him as Steamboat Willie – y’know, that whistling black and white character from Disney animations), as well as his nemesis, Steamboat Pete.

Nothing else has been released yet; Pete was only confirmed a couple of hours ago. Still, if you’re anything like me and playing Disney Speedstorm every day to level up your Monsters Inc. characters before Season One is up, you’ll know that ‘logging in’ daily is a big payoff.

Two videos have been released. The first is Steamboat Mickey:

The second is Steamboat Pete:

More info as and when it is shared, but as I say to every gamer I meet: do check Disney Speedstorm out – it’s great fun and incredibly addictive (for the right reasons!).