Stay Out Of The Path Of This Repo Man – Coming In 2023

Keep an eye on the front door as Repo Man is coming to San Alma in 2023 on the PC, then later on consoles...

Ok, Repo Man looks waaaay better than expected. Heard of it? Me neither, and to be fair, a quick glimpse at the title and some keywords sounded a bit naff. Well, look at the video lower down, as it’ll be out next year on PC and consoles (at a later date).

A first-person RPG from Achara Studios and Games Box, you do, in fact, play a debt collector, but besides your fists and nasty scowl, expect to see numerous methods for claiming assets – from deals to deceit, seduction to the classic intimidation techniques.

Your character in Repo Man is Arthur Newstead, and you owe a debt of 15 million. Wait – that’s not how this job works! Oh wait, you’re going to collect it in the colonial city of San Alma. As it says here:

The gameplay will offer complex dialogues, negotiation, exploration, combat, and mechanics borrowed from stealth and card games, all combined in an open world.

Here’s the trailer:

Look out for the Repo Man on Steam, as it’ll be out in 2023. To keep up-to-date, add it to your wishlist on Steam.