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Star Horizon Out For The Switch

Star Horizon

With a 20% discount available now, the Star Horizon Switch release deserves a look for shooter fans.

Deemed an ‘on-rails space shooter’, Star Horizon is a nostalgia-inducing shoot ’em up from developers Orbital Knight.

A fast-action shooter featuring ship upgrades and a mature story with dark humour, you take on the role of John, a space-pilot working for the Inter Galactic Corporation.

Star Horizon - Inferno
Burn baby, burn. Source: PR

Said Corporation sends out their pilots to pull the trigger on enemies as the in-built AI can’t kill (so you’re essentially expendable), but when an accident turns the AI upside down, what happens next?

Here are some of the features in Star Horizon:

  • Immersive action – engage in fast-paced, exciting space battles.
  • Upgrade your ship – buy upgrades and finish your enemies in multiple ways.
  • Fun story – experience a mature story of a man and his AI spiced up with absurd and dark humor.
  • Choices & consequences – make quick decisions – do you help your friends but fail your mission? Do you aid a space merchant and engage in a fight? The consequences of your choices alter the flow of the story.
  • 256 space ships, 10 missions, 3 bosses, 16 types of equipment, 10 enemies.

Best of all, if you already have an existing game by publishers No Gravity Games who released the excellent Alder’s Blood, you can get a total of 50% off the price.

Star Horizon is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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