Spooky Chase Involves Zero Kisses Or Lurgies In This Urgent Platformer

Outrun yourself and scary (but cute) stuff in this platform game where you leave a ghostly trail: Spooky Chase.

Live in the present, is what clever time-travelling movies tell us, and our occasional life coaches, and Spooky Chase is a game where you have to leave the past behind you. Literally.

Like a spectral Super Meat Boy, you’re one of many characters that have to stay ahead of yourself in fear of being caught by monsters, zombies, ghosts, commitment… as you leave a trail everywhere you go.

That’s not a figurative thing as players have to collect as many flags as possible in the game but leave a ghost path that enemies will follow. In Spooky Chase, you simply have to outrun yourself.

From QuByte Interactive, this platform game looks pretty cute. Yes, yes, I’m a bona fide alpha and don’t use ‘cute’ lightly. Right. See for yourself:

Spooky Chase is coming soon for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and I’m down if you are.