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Splash Cars Out This Week On Consoles

God, this town is dull and grey. Let’s give it a lick of paint and use the best sort of brush to apply it – a sports car… erm… Splash Cars out this week on consoles.

Splash Cars out this week
Source: Eastasiasoft

Another week, another Eastasiasoft release, and this time it’s Splash Cars for consoles – an isometric driving game where you have to paint the town… let’s stop there: you paint the town with your car.

When the world is literally grey, you need to bring some vibrancy back in the fastest way possible. You can’t guilt-trip the kids for you to do it, nor can you hire someone on Fiverr. Instead, jump in a Corvette or GTR clone and hoon about the place without running out of fuel.

That’s right, the cars in Splash Cars operate on fuel. Sure, you can collect some tins along the way, but once you’re empty, that’s it – game over. You have a percentage to hit in terms of colour with each level, so you drive around each area like a crazy person before the fuel runs out.

Key features include:

  • Race across isometric maps leaving a colorful path everywhere you go!
  • Choose from a variety of vehicles and paint jobs.
  • Use unique power-ups to evade cops, like shrinking or super-sizing your ride!
  • Take on challenges in new and constantly growing neighborhoods.
  • Convert NPC drivers to join your cause and have your back!

My words not painting a picture? Here are some moving pictures to complement the above:

Splash Cars is out on the 9th of March for PS4/5, the Xboxeseses and the Nintendo Switch. I’ll aim to have my review up on the same day if you’re interested…

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