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Spiritfarer Update Due Next Week – The Largest Yet

The third and final Spiritfarer update is due next week and free for all systems. Two new cast members, a platforming section and new goodies for your boat!

Spiritfarer update
Source: Screen capture

If you haven’t played Spiritfarer yet, you’re missing out. Least, I think you are. It’s a heartwarming experience where you play Stella, ferry master to the dead and next week will be a Spiritfarer update.

In this ‘cozy management game about dying’, we still play as Stella, but are introduced to the new characters Jackie and Dara – a caretaker of a hospital and their patient, set on a new island.

This is the third and final Spirtfarer update and also the largest. Besides helping the spirits once more and restoring the new hospital where the pair is based, they’ll be a new platforming event and upgrades for the boat.

Here’s the trailer for Thunder Lotus’ Game:

The Spiritfarer update is out on the 13th of December, free, and for all systems: the Switch, PS4, Xboxes, Game Pass, Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and Stadia. Phew!

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