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Spirit Of The North Heading To The Switch This Spring

A stunning adventure across Icelandic scenery, Spirit of the North gets the announcement that it’s heading to the Switch and PC later this Spring.

Spirit of the North coming to the Switch

As a fan of Nordic themes, it’s pleasing to know that Spirit of the North is heading to the Switch, and PC, this coming Spring.

If you haven’t already seen this on the PS4, then check out the trailer for Spirit of the North further down the post as this a beautiful third-person adventure set to the stunning vistas of Iceland.

Deep down Sprit of the North is a puzzle game mixed with exploration as you uncover details from the past, under the guidance of a female spirit fox. As you play a red fox, could there be love in the air? Forget Lady and the Tramp, this is one to watch (and play!).

Spirit of the North - Fantastic Mr Bridges
Fantastic Mr Bridges. Source: PR

Key features, straight from the fox’s mouth, include:

• Make your way across stunning landscapes, on an emotionally stirring journey.
• Solve environmental puzzles to change the world around you, using ancient powers bestowed upon you by the guardian of the Northern Lights.
• Follow the mysterious Spirit Fox across a land left in ruin as you discover more about a lost civilization.
• Moving orchestral soundtrack featuring 14 original compositions.

No set date has been confirmed for Spirit of the North on the Switch, but once it’s been announced, look out for a post. Alternatively, follow the official site here.

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