Have you been told to clean up your act one too many times? Now’s your chance to set good habits in cosy eco-conscious game, Spilled! – a Kickstarter project that hit its target in just 12 hours! Is it any wonder?

The game focuses on recycling, collecting coins, upgrading, and repeating. You’ll clean up areas and remove all signs of pollution without a single Greta shouting at you or making you feel guilty.

Solo developer Lente knows a thing or two about ‘boat life’ as they grew up on a boat and since renovated their current home (a boat), with their mother, creating gems such as Spilled! in the spaces in between. They’re pushing for further Kickstarter developments, which you can follow here.

Key features include:

  • Short but satisfying – Move through 8 areas, each bigger in size and with more waste. No rush, take as long as you want. Spilled! is a short yet cozy game that you can finish in 1 hour, but you can use the level selector to go back to any area if you just want to relax!
  • Recycle & earn coins – Clean up a whole area to move on to the next! The water gets clearer the more you recycle, revealing underwater life that is different for each area!
  • Upgrade your boat – Prepare for the next area: tackle bigger oil spills with a bigger collector, hold more oil with an upgraded tank and cover larger distances with upgraded speed!
  • Find & rescue animals – Each area has 2 different animals to find and rescue, for a total of 16! See which ones you’ve already saved in the options menu. Or which ones you’ve missed!
  • Face new challenges – Each area has a new challenge to overcome! Push plastic to the recycling centre, wash oil off of the land, help retrieve lost items to other boats, put out wildfires, go magnet fishing and more currently in development!

Watch the trailer below (please):

Spilled! is currently in development and in a Kickstarter campaign, but you can play the current demo on Steam.