SpeedRunners Demo

A classic opening line for me ‘in fear of…’ not being on the ball, I wanted to get this piece out so you too can experience SpeedRunners demo for the Nintendo Switch from tinyBuild (Streets of Rogue).

What can I say other than wow? SpeedRunners has apparently been dubbed as ‘Mario Kart on foot’. That’s a statement and a half, and to expose whether that is clickbait or not, I’ll be doing a first impressions piece on it as the demo is now available on the eShop.

SpeedRunners demo out on Switch 23 January 2020
There’s the hook

If you check out the trailer, it has a decent opening sequence that we are all too familiar with where it goes downhill after, but the actual gameplay looks interesting. It’s a side-scrolling platformer that looks like a polished retro game, where newer gamers might see comparisons with the later Mario game such as Super Mario Maker 2 where you try to outrun your fellow chums.

The buzz for this is good and there’s nothing better to back that up in a quick playthrough to see if it packs the punch it’s apparently capable of. You can download the SpeedRunners demo on the Nintendo Switch now, with the full release on the 23rd January 2020.

My intention is to do a First Impressions piece on it, so will be downloading it shortly. Fingers crossed. The trailer follows below:

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