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Spartan Fist Out Now On The Switch

I’ll knock your block off.

Spartan Fist Switch

Well, this isn’t Sparta, but it’s the way of the Spartan Fist. Out now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, this first-person beat ’em up has players enter the arena to battle it out for the coveted Spartan Fist.

Though bright in colour and a pixelated venture, Spartan Fist by Glass Bottom Games, is a bona fide heavy hitter. Instead of punching your opponents lights out, you seemingly knock the claret out of them block by block in gratuitous close up bloody action. But it isn’t a brainless brawler as you play the role of Emma Jones.

Spartan Fist - Pixel claret
Someone’s gonna have to clean that up. Source: PR

Our friend Emma is a down-and-out detective who apparently gets roped up in this predicament; entering gauntlet after gauntlet. Judging from the trailer, there are plenty of power-ups available to power your dukes such as animal-themed bear, rat and feather fists to name a few, as well as the usual HP buffs.

Spartan Fist is so fast-paced that it hit the Nintendo eShop before anyone even knew it existed, so it’s going on the wishlist for when there’s an empty slot for review time. This looks like a lot of fun and somewhat unique. While the art style is pretty common, it’s not something we see in this genre, more for the Streets of Rogue type games instead.

Spartan Fist is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

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